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Based in Rayleigh, Essex 
About me: 
How would you like to be living your life? What is it that stops you finding real happiness? It’s not easy to find answers to these 
questions on your own, but with the help of hypnotherapy, setting out on a journey towards your new, brighter future can be easier 
and more fruitful. 
Having qualified as a Personal Coach in 2009 with the UK Coaching Partnership. I now combine my Hypnotherapy skills to help you find or regain your happiness. I particularly enjoy working with people who are anxious, lacking in confidence and with those 
whose lives are limited by phobias and fears. I have also worked successfully to help people manage their weight without 
obsessing about food. 
I offer a FREE no obligation Initial Consultation via Zoom or on the phone, where we can discuss how we could work together to achieve what you want. Call or text me on 07767 636302 or Email me on Judy@MindShiftCoaching.org 
Training, qualifications & experience 
I have recently graduated with the SCCP (The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy) and gained my Advanced 
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (ADCH). and am working towards achieving the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.  
The SCCP course also resulted in Diplomas in EMDR and EFT, Positive Psychology, and Solution Focused Therapy, 
This eclectic mix of therapies enables me to tailor bespoke sessions to suit the individual needs of each client. 
Areas of hypnotherapy I work with 
Addictions * 
Alcohol abuse * 
Anger management 
Anxiety * 
Depression * 
Drug abuse * 
Eating disorders * 
Exam stress 
Fear of flying 
Food addiction * 
Gambling addiction * 
Insomnia * 
Irritable bowel syndrome 
Low self-confidence * 
Low self-esteem 
Obsessions and compulsions * 
Pain management * 
Panic attacks * 
Phobias * 
Post-traumatic stress disorder * 
Public speaking 
Quit smoking 
Sex addiction * 
Sleep disorders * 
Sports performance 
Stress * 
Stuttering * 
Weight loss 
Monday 09:00-20:00  
Tuesday 09:00-20:00  
Wednesday 09:00-20:00  
Thursday 09:00-20:00  
Friday 09:00-18:0
* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments 
Other areas of hypnotherapy I work with: 
In recent months I have helped clients get over fear of public speaking, singing nerves, trauma after a sudden death, emotional eating, repairing a relationship, letting go of childhood baggage, fear of heights, dental phobia, letting go of guilt, gaining confidence in a new job, difficulties on returning to work after maternity leave, social anxiety, fear of flying, and many other life-limiting beliefs and behaviours. 
I particularly enjoy working with people who feel as if they ‘should’ be happy but somehow they just aren’t. Learning to relax in hypnotherapy is often the starting point for a journey of realisation and inspiration. 
Working with the Inner Child is also an area which I find to be very effective particularly for those who realise that what is troubling them now has its origins in their early years.. 
I can also offer help with Smoking Cessation, Anger Management, Exam Stress, Low Self Esteem, Relaxation, Behavioural Change and many other topics
Therapies offered 
Solution focused hypnotherapy 
Confidence Coaching 
Personal Coaching 
In person sessions 
1-hour Session £75 
Transformational Process: 
4 x 1 hour sessions £250 
10 x 1 hour sessions £550 
Zoom appointments 
1 hour Session £70 
Transformational Process 
4 x 1 hour sessions £240 
10 x 1 hour sessions £500 
Smoking Cessation: 90 minute sessions. Course of 3 or 5 sessions £350 in person, £320 via Zoom 
Free initial consultation 
Before starting to work together we need to be confident that we can work well together.  
The initial consultation allows us to do this as well as getting clear on what difficulties you are experiencing and what interventions would be most suitable for you. Before your first appointment I would also need to know your medical history and current status, as well as any medication you are taking. 
The length and number of sessions, as well as the best approach to be taken, would also be discussed. You would be asked to consider the therapy and phone back for an appointment if you feel the approach is right for you. 
Both the initial consultation and all therapy sessions are conducted in confidence. Please phone me on 07767 636302 or email Judy@MindShiftCoaching.org if you would like to book an initial consultation with me. 
Thanks to the different aspects of my training, an eclectic approach to the therapy can be taken and I usually find that a mixture of the different disciplines works best. The approach used will be of your choice. Due to the flexible nature of these sessions, the therapy is quick and effective, helping you to achieve your aims as efficiently as possibl
Further information about Judy 
Reviews: “I was lucky enough to win a session with Judy and had my first ever experience of hypnotherapy - when I went in I was feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that was going on in my life - when I came out and since, although all the stuff is still going on, I feel clearer and calmer and more focused to get on with what I need to do to move forward- highly recommended” – Anna W, Essex 
If you would like to see more comments from clients, please take a look at the reviews on my website https://www.mindshiftcoaching.org/reviews/. 

Judy@MindShiftCoaching.org  www.MindShiftCoaching.org  Contact Judy  Tel: 07767 636302 

Please note the Office Hours are 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday 
You can contact the National Society for Psychotherapists by email 
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