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The NSP is a not-for-profit organisation, which means that every penny of members’ subscriptions is used for the benefit of all. There are no stakeholders with greater voting rights or shareholders to pay. 
The NSP actively participates in the voluntary self-regulation process mandated by Government, which means members have a voice and say in the future of our profession. 
We offer four levels of membership, depending on your circumstances. 
Full Membership 
Student Membership 
Associate Membership 
International Membership 
Full Membership 
Full membership of the NSP is available to suitably qualified hypnotherapists and entitles you to all the benefits of being a member of the NSP, including: 
A listing in our on-line Therapist Finder 
Subscription to The Hypnotherapy Journal 
Preferential Insurance rates 
Participation in NSP national events (e.g. Stop Smoking Day) 
Permission to use our name, logo and the letters of your assigned membership grade 
Member rates for CPD, and the NSP Annual Conference 
Support and protection for you and your practice 
Full Voting rights within the NSP 
When you apply to become a full member of the NSP, we ask you to show us that you have the knowledge, skills and understanding to be a competent, ethical and caring professional therapist. 
All joining Full Members are therefore required to evidence their qualifications and skills to a level which is equivalent to the NSP national standard. 
Your options are: 
By submission of a written portfolio using an NSP assessor, which on completion merits a qualifying award. 
By demonstrating current registration with the CNHC or one membership of one of the Professional Associations recognised by the CNHC, and providing details of your training and additional information as requested. 
Unsure which route is right for you? 
Contact the Training and Accreditation Officer for further information or apply now for free and we’ll discuss the most appropriate route for you to take. 
Full Membership is £70 per year if you have the Psychotherapy Diploma (£120 per year without) so if you want to get ahead of your competitors by having an externally validated qualification and save money on your membership fees year after year, we highly recommend the Psychotherapy Diploma route to membership. 
To APPLY FOR full membership, please register on-line here. 
If you are a student member wishing to upgrade, please see these instructions. 
Student Membership 
Student membership of the NSP is available to students currently enrolled in an accredited training course, and entitles you to the following benefits: 
Subscription to The Hypnotherapy Journal 
Preferential Student Insurance rates with Towergate Professional Risks 
Member rates for the NSP Annual Conference 
Support and protection for you as you train 
Student membership is free for 18 months, after which time you will either need to upgrade to Full Membership (if you have successfully gained your Psychotherapy Diploma), or switch to an Associate Membership. 
Being a Student confers voting rights, but does not allow the use of the NSP name, logo or any membership grade letters. 
Students are enrolled automatically by their NSP Accredited Schools. Please contact your school if you have not been registered as a Student Member of the NSP. 
Associate Membership 
Associate membership of the NSP is available to anyone with an interest in therapy. The only exception would be anyone who has been previously expelled from the NSP or who is deemed by the executive committee to be likely to bring the NSP into disrepute. 
Being an associate entitles you to the following benefits: 
Member rates for the NSP Annual Conference 
Associate membership is £35 for the first year, then £70 per year after that. Being an Associate does not imply endorsement, confer voting rights, nor allow the use of the NSP name, logo or any membership grade letters. 
To become an Associate of the NSP, please register on-line here. 
International Membership 
Therapists operating outside of the UK can join as International Members by providing proof of your professional qualifications AND meeting one of these 2 requirements: 
Show evidence of membership of the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA) 
Show evidence of membership to a professional body in your home country, complete with copies of their: 
membership criteria 
code of ethics 
complaints procedure 
International Membership entitles you to the following benefits: 
A listing on our website 
Subscription to The NSP Journal 
Permission to use our name, logo and the letters MNSP (Int.) 
Member rates for the NSP Annual Conference 
International Membership is £70 per year, plus a one off £25 administration fee. International Membership does not confer voting rights, nor does the NSP provide public protection or support. 
If you meet the criteria for International Membership, please FIRST register on-line, THEN complete and return this proof of qualification form. 
All members (except Associates) must also: 
Provide two references* 
Show a commitment to on-going professional development (CPD) 
Give details of an established system of peer-support or supervision (NB supervision with an appropriately qualified supervisor is a requirement.). 
Undertake to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Practising Agreement 
Undertake to remain fully and appropriately insured throughout their membership of the NSP. 
Be prepared to discuss their application with a member nominated by the committee. 
Give details of any disciplinary action that has been taken against them. 
Accept that the committee’s decision is final 
*Students and Full members only. Student referees must include one course tutor. 
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